Prospering food manufacturing company for sell

Sieradz, Łódzkie, Polen

Subject of this offer is well prospering business of the quick-frozen food products production.
The plant has been in business for over 20 years, was awarded in many competitions for its products both from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, on fairs and exhibitions and competitions "Good Polish food".
Our production range consists of 14 types of products:
- silesian noodles
- hooves
- different kinds of dumplings (pyzy, knedle)
- grapeshot
- ravioli
all with several kinds of fillings.

Production is made under its own trademark and trademarks of other well-known food producers.
The production plant is located in the central part of the Polish (province Lodz), with a very good communication-logistics connection to other parts of the country and abroad.
Plant is placed naerby good road infrastructure - S8 expressway, that provides efficient ability to transport finished products.

Detailed information and access to financial data, presentation of the company is possible at any time during the meeting.
The sale can be realized in many versions including:
- sale of the company without the partnership itself (provided that partnership will not operate within the food production, food etc.)
- sale of business along with the partnership (100% shares).

The Company has liquidity, does not have any arrears with any payments. We are ready to consider other proposed solutions for the sale of our business. We put our business in your time and heart and we want to plant operated on. For any questions we will try to answer as fully as possible during the meeting. The price for sale of the organized manufacturing plant, production lines, machines, personnel Staff, movable property
and ground buildings, production hall and warehouse buildings is 1 800.000 PLN (1,8 mln PLN; 428.500 EURO).

Current owners are in possession of inventory with movable equipment, including production machines (forming technological production lines), tools used during production, office equipment, secretariat, producer shop, halls, warehouses, direct materials (used to produce final product), finished products (changing in time along with production and sales).

Plant is located in city centre, on a plot of land with an area of ​​0.26 hectares. Production buildings inclusive surface is 1600m2.
Plant has:
- warehouse that allows storage of up to 80 tonnes of products at -20 deg. C
- laboratory
- production facilities
- offices and social places
- own boiler
- surveillance system with internet connection

Company has developed production machinery and ability to increased produced quantities, thereby possibility to increase incomes from running business. Properties in which company is estabilished are the exclusive property of the manufacturer. Current production capacity is 15 tones of products per day.

Sale includes:
- offices, production buildings, warehouses, cold rooms (buildings in dense development)
- ground with surface of 2555 m2
- production lines starting from preparation of raw materials finishing on production of finished products (full list of machines available for inspection during the meeting with the ability to see how they work)
- commercial contracts
- movable equipment (starting from office equipment, through production halls, locker rooms, raw materials and finished products stocks, handling equipment - manual and electric pallet trucks)
- production recipes of our products with transfer of their ownership to buyers
- company's trademark
- contacts with suppliers and customers
- experienced staff including executives in persons of plant manager and Chief Operations, that ensures production efficiency.

We offer after-sales support in conducting business. We sell you company employees, production manager, director of operations. This ensures liquidity and the ability to multidirectional production scope modifications.
Our staff responsible for organizing production has many years of experience in the industry and is well-organized. Also present owners provide after-sales support activities - its scope, the duration and the rules of implementation remain to be discussed during the meeting with people interested in acquiring the company.

The company has a large production capacity. The machinery can increase production range, which will increase the profits of the business.
Increasing the production does not require investment in machinery.
It is possible to run additional shifts or increase production by hiring additional staff within one production shift.

Considerations related to the necessity of change of residence.
It is difficult to move the business to a new location while maintaining the current infrastructure.
Hence the decision to sell business in which a lot of effort has been put, wanting to sell it to someone who will continue running business as a recognized brand in the market of frozen food products.

428.500 EUR
+48 731-563-012
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Last updated: 30.10.2017