Furniture Factory

Smolniki 14-200 Iława, Warmińsko-mazurskie, Polen

Do you want to invest your capital well? Purchase a factory located in the Warmia-Masuria Province in Smolniki near Iława with an area of ​​9ha. This factory is surrounded by forest from three sides and is located near the railway line connecting Warsaw and Gdańsk.

The factory manufactures furniture as well as processes orders and serves markets in Poland and in the European Union. This is possible thanks to our qualified engineering and technical staff and about 300 specialized production workers.

The factory manufactures solid wood furniture (oak, beech, birch, European and Canadian alder), particle boards, MDF boards, and cellular wood panels glued with natural and artificial veneers. The surface of the furniture is protected with the application of natural oils and waxes, clear varnish, and ecological paints using a state-of-the-art technology system.

Technological manufacturing processes are organized on a very high level, which in the end leads to good quality and the acquisition of large markets.
Modern technology and qualified staff provide continuity of sales on foreign and domestic markets.

Do not miss this great opportunity. Feel free to contact us by phone or by mail, but most importantly just visit our website, and you will know that you have invested your capital well.

The property of the Factory includes buildings with an area of ​​approximately 10 000 m2, which are heated using post-production waste in our own boiler room. The excess waste is stored in the form of wood briquettes.

The company has a modern bilaterally powered transformer station with a capacity of 1000 kW. Our factory also has its own water intake in the form of two deep wells, pump rooms as well as water supply networks and hydrants.
It has onsite paved roads and undeveloped land for expanding the factory.

The factory area is enclosed by a metal fence and is monitored using own camcorders with the function of access via the Internet.

The factory has an extensive machine park with modern CNC machines, which include:
Weinig Conturex, Biesse Skipper, Morbidelli Author, Homag, Nordson, and others.

On the premises of the factory there are:
offices, social rooms, production halls, warehouses, drying rooms and boiler rooms, which were mostly built after 2005.

Zygmunt Dmochewicz
+48 603 591 381
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Last updated: 15.05.2019