Biometrics (fingerprints, face-recognition) and RFID solutions. Time&Attendance, Access Control systems. Custom software developer.

Gdańsk, Pomorskie, Polen

The company is a leader in the sector of biometric solutions (fingerprints, face recognition) and RFID Time&Attendance and Access Control in Poland.

The company performs full-range installations/implementation of working time registration systems and/or access control systems all over Poland and it delivers the equipment (hardware and copyright software) directly to the network of business Partners and end users.

The company is perfectly organized, managed and prepared for the process of takeover by a new owner.

> office and technical equipment (installation tools),
> source codes of copyright programmes for AC/T&A systems,
> data bases of customers, business Partners and installers
> online CRM system implemented and well used since 2009,
> know-how,
> own brand of the solution offered (product + software)
> goodwill
and many other tangible and intangible assets.

Real estate:
> the company has signed a long-term lease agreement regarding the facility (office and technical equipment).

After-sales support
The company's owner offers dedicated and professional after-sales support in the period from 6 to maximum 24 months.


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Last updated: 14.08.2017