The platform is a web site BizMarketZone internationally managed by professionals specialized in mergers and acquisitions of businesses / companies and by consultants and business brokers.

The partners that make up the platform provide customized services of buying and selling companies and advising on mergers and acquisitions.

The platform arises from program of international cooperation and partnership which has the best professionals in the mediation business. The platform allows direct access to sales and / or purchase opportunities of businesses, helping to bring buyers and sellers close together, always accompanied by experts in consulting and repair of businesses.

Bolsa Portugal Negócios
Est. Coselhas Lote 19/20 2º E.
3000-125 Coimbra
WWW: www.bolsaportugalnegocios.com
E-mail: bpn (at) bolsaportugalnegocios.com

Bolsa Brasil Negócios
Rua Calheiros Gomes n°116
Barra da Tijuca - Cep 22611-280
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil Est
WWW: www.bolsabrasilnegocios.com.br
E-mail: bbn (at) bolsabrasilnegocios.com.br

Marco Almeida
Contact Direct + 351 960 235 782
E-mail: marco.almeida (at) bolsaportugalnegocios.com

We work with companies from small, medium, and large dimension in Portugal (between 500 000 and 15 million euros). We promote opportunities in the purchase and sale of businesses and mediate their businesses of alienation.Our services include searching and locating buyers and/ or sellers; evaluation and structuring of companies; trading; consultancy for acquisition and deployment of business, among others.

The Bolsa Portugal Negócios consists of a group of highly experienced professionals, equipped with different skills and prepared to respond to customer needs. We are in the market since 2004 and being our guarantee maximum confidentiality, professionalism, ethics always in demand for value creation.

We can advise and assist in the process of installation, purchase and sale of companies in Angola, Mozambique and Brazil.

Services provided:
  • Purchase / sale of companies in Portugal
  • Establishment of companies and businesses
  • Representation of companies
  • Location of buyers
  • Bussiness evaluation
  • Preparation of Business Plan
  • Accounting and Financial Consulting

We speak English